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It’s no secret that there are many exceptional textile producers in China. However, many global buyers find that selecting the best, negotiating terms, and monitoring quality is a costly and time-consuming business.

That’s where Genesis Fabrics come in. We have been established in China for over 14 years and have a unique understanding of the local market. Having partnered with many of the world’s leading fashion businesses over this time, we have the expertise to ensure all parties achieve their objectives.

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Quotes & Testimonials

What they said

Tammy M


Since starting work with Genesis Fabrics we’ve been able to grow our customer satisfaction levels from 88% to 96% - this has mainly been based on the introduction of new fabrics that our customers haven’t been able to source before, and the reliability with which we can now supply them.

-Tammy M

Louisa T

"Easy to work with."

Our customers rely on us to deliver fashion ranges that reflect the styles they see on the catwalk each season. They expect the pieces to be good quality, good value, and to change regularly. By partnering with Genesis Fabrics we’ve been able to meet these expectations by sourcing new and innovative fabrics that meet our quality specifications and are delivered as quickly as we refresh our range.

-Louisa T

Tom D


Working with Genesis Fabrics has really helped me grow the business in my territory. My clients have really noticed the difference too – I can spend more time with them, they have access to a wider range than I could previously offer, and I don’t need to waste a lot of time dealing with individual factories throughout the year.

-Tom D

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