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Many agents we speak to spend a disproportionate amount of time travelling to China to carry out tasks that just aren’t cost-effective. Assessing suppliers, looking for new products, dealing with problems – these tasks simply cost you time and money, and don’t add value to your work.

That’s why working with Genesis Fabrics can help you build your business, reduce your costs, and improve the relationship you have with your clients. We function as an extension of your office in China.

We supply, you sell – simple.

  • Tailored ranges of new fabrics consistently available to meet the needs of your market – no need for you to spend time seeking new lines.
  • All suppliers and premises pre-approved by our team of in-country textile experts.
  • Centralised commission statements and payments provided promptly and reliably, so you’re not left unpaid or chasing individual factories.
  • No communication issues – our team not only speak fluent English, but we truly understand the culture and values of both East and West – no more frustration in trying to navigate language or cultural barriers.

“Working with Genesis Fabrics has really helped me grow the business in my territory. My clients have really noticed the difference too – I can spend more time with them, they have access to a wider range than I could previously offer, and I don’t need to waste a lot of time dealing with individual factories throughout the year.”

-Tom D

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