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It’s no secret that there are many exceptional textile producers in China. However, many global buyers find that selecting the best, negotiating terms, and monitoring quality is a costly and time-consuming business.

That’s where Genesis Fabrics come in. We have been established in China for over 14 years and have a unique understanding of the local market. Having partnered with many of the world’s leading fashion businesses over this time, we have the expertise to ensure all parties achieve their objectives.

By partnering with us, we can make your fabric buying process easier, more efficient, more consistent, and more reliable. Of course, you could work with individual factories directly – but mistakes can be costly and damage your brand permanently. Genesis Fabrics has the local resources and expertise to ensure you only receive the highest quality fabrics, on time, every time…

  • Access to a broader range of factories – audited and inspected in advance so you can be confident they comply with your standards.
  • Professional selection of pre-qualified factories that meet your quality requirements – one specification from you is all that’s required.
  • Local market experts negotiate the best deals directly with individual factories – saving you time and money whilst eliminating cultural differences.
  • Professional project management and local oversight minimises delays and aids quick resolution should problems occur.
  • Internal quality control testing and third party inspection – products are lab-tested internally and using a third-party lab to ensure they meet your specification.
  • Centralised weekly fulfilment updates – 100% visibility of progress, and no time wasted chasing individual factories for information.
  • Simplified payment processes and terms negotiated on your behalf.
  • Peace of mind that a team of in-country experts are working on your behalf.

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